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Senior Portrait FAQ

How do I choose the best location?
You should pick your locations based on your personality, your hobbies, interests, and style. Your location will impact the look of your portraits and help your individuality shine. Hampton Roads has so many beautiful locations… let the glorious beaches, enchanting parks, or edgy architecture be the perfect backdrop for your session. If you are having a hard time deciding on a location, we can suggest lots of amazing settings to match your unique personality.

Can I do my whole session in studio?
Yes! We have a studio in the King’s Grant area of Virginia Beach. If you would like your session to be indoors we can schedule your Senior Portraits in the studio. We have several different backdrops to choose from. Props are even more important when you are shooting in studio. They help to personalize your session and make your photos stand out.

Can I do in-studio portraits AND on-location portraits in the same session?
Of course! If you’d like the variety, we can schedule half of your session in the studio and then move on to your favorite location for the rest of your session.

What should I wear?
Keep the location of your shoot in mind when choosing your outfits. Are you going to be indoors or outdoors? Is the area paved, muddy, rocky, or grassy? What kind of colors would look best in that setting? If you are going to be outside, wear clothes that you can wear comfortably sitting or laying on the ground.
Pick colors that work well together and will create a cohesive look. Avoid loud patterns, logos, and words on your outfit. Small patterns are okay as long as they don’t draw attention away from the subject of the photo: YOU!
Remember that your senior portraits are designed to showcase ALL the unique sides of you. Choose outfits that will showcase all those different sides. If you play a sport or are involved in other extracurriculars, bring your uniform as one of your outfit changes!

How many outfit changes should I bring?
You can bring several outfit changes. I suggest at least three but no more than five. It takes time to change and you want to spend as much of your session in front of the camera!

What kind of accessories should I wear?
Accessorizing is important, but don’t go too crazy! Too much accessorizing can be distracting, especially for your Senior Portraits! But accessorizing can really help pull an outfit together! Don’t forget fun items like bold jewelry, pretty headbands, and fun shoes. Have fun with the details!

How should I do my hair and makeup for my session?
Style your hair before your session and make sure it’s a style that you are comfortable with and will compliment all your outfit changes. Don’t forget to bring a brush, mirror and hair products. This is helpful if you plan on changing your hair-style as you change outfits and combating the elements (wind, humidity, etc).
Many girls think they need heavy makeup when they’re in front of the camera. While you may need a little more than you normally use, please don’t go overboard on the makeup. It is not necessary and sometimes too much make-up becomes distracting. Choose makeup that will enhance your natural beauty and is a reflection of what you normally would wear.

Apply makeup before arriving and bring extra powder or concealer for touch ups during your session. Lip gloss is a must, so make sure you bring it with you! It tends to look better in pictures than lip stick. (If you wear lip stick- just brush a coat of lip gloss over it!)
Limit sun exposure before your session to avoid sunburns and tan lines.

Girls: If you paint your nails, make sure it’s clear polish, a neutral color, or a color that will match all of your outfits.
Guys: Trim your nails and shave before your session. Also, consider getting your haircut a few days before your portraits are taken.

Can I bring props?
Definitely! Bringing props that represent you, your hobbies, interests, and accomplishments will make all the difference between boring photos and beautiful portraits that you can’t wait to share with everyone. Bring some creative props so we can create portraits that are uniquely you. Props can be anything from sports equipment to musical instruments, to items with sentimental value.

What is the best time of day to take my senior portraits?
To capture you in your best light, we need to use the best light available. If your session is going to be outdoors, the right time to take your portraits will be an hour or two before sunset. In the summer, this is usually around 6:30 p.m. and in the fall, around 5:00 p.m.

What if I have acne the day of my Senior Portrait session?
Don’t worry! Girls can apply concealer and powder if necessary to minimize blemishes and bring make up for touchups. There is no need for guys to wear make-up to cover blemishes. We will eliminate imperfections during the portrait retouching on your final order.

What if I wear glasses?
If you choose to wear your glasses during your session, we’ll make sure you look your best. Some options to eliminate glare include, bringing a matching pair of frames without the lenses, removing your lenses, or slightly lifting the frame above your ears upward. We can also remove glasses glare during retouching for an additional cost.

What if I have braces?
Many seniors have braces and worry that they will be distracting. Remember, your Senior Portraits are about capturing you, as you are now, so let your smile shine! However, we will take a variety of images, some with your braces showing and some without. We do offer the option of removing braces during final retouching, with an additional fee of $25 per photo.

Can I use my Senior portraits on my Facebook profile?
Of course. We want you to share your photos with all your friends and family! Devon will tag a few of your photos to put on Facebook. Your first step is to make sure you “like” Devon Shanor Photography and request to be her friend on her personal page. After she tags your photos, they will show up on your page. Feel free to share away. HOWEVER, please keep in mind, your pictures are protected by copyright law and cannot be changed. You are welcome to use these photos for profile pictures, just make sure the watermark is left as it is, on the image and not cropped out. Please DO NOT scan purchased images and put them on your Facebook. This is illegal as the photos are copyrighted and belong to Devon Shanor Photography. If a favorite image of your is not posted by Devon, you can send her a request and she will put a watermarked image up for you to use.

Can I bring people with me on the shoot?
Sure! These are your senior pictures. We want them to be memorable and fun. However, too many people on your shoot can be distracting. We prefer you limit your “support” to just a few and only those who will keep you at ease and comfortable!

I want some images with my boy/girl friend, my best friend or my parents, does it cost extra for them to be in the pictures?
If you would like to include them, you are more than welcome. They do have to sign a contract, or have their parents sign one if they are under 18. There is no additional cost for them, as long as they are photographed with you. Keep in mind though these portraits are showcasing YOU. Having a few shots with the special people in your life is fine, but we don’t want group shots to overtake the session.

I have more questions that weren’t answered on here!
Give us a call! We would love to help answer your questions and make this photo shoot one you will never forget. Please call or e-mail us and we will get back with you as soon as possible!