About Me

My name is Devon and I am the owner of Devon Shanor Photography.   My passions through the years have changed tremendously. Yours will too! Who you are now, as a 16-18 year old, will most likely be very different from who you will eventually become! Since you are visiting the “About Me” section of my website, I’ll share a bit about my journey from high school to now!

I graduated from an All Girls Catholic School in Ohio. The majority of my high school years were spent in a gym as I trained as a competitive level 10 gymnast. Of course, I went to a few football games, proms or homecomings, but for the most part, I was a gym rat! My senior pictures reflect that I loved gymnastics and books. I was innocent, happy and bubbly and my fashion style was simple and relaxed! As my senior year ended, I declined a gymnastics scholarship to coach gymnastics instead and eventually received a degree in special education. Fast forward many years as I became a happy and content stay at home mom and military wife! We moved all over the United States and I began to develop a love for photography and capturing memories!

My personality, hobbies and passions changed tremendously from high school to now. Yet, I am still happy and bubbly and my fashion style is still pretty simple and relaxed! I love looking back on my Senior Portraits to remember the girl I used to be… and compare her to the woman I am!

That is my goal in capturing your Senior Portraits. I want to help you tell YOUR story in your Senior Pictures! This is the time to celebrate you and all your accomplishments so far! The world has a lot to offer and you will accomplish so much more in your lifetime… but who are you now? What are your hobbies, goals, passions? What is your personality? I aim to help capture that so you too can look back someday and remember!

I truly love young people and I have such a respect for what they go through on each day. It is not easy navigating from child to adult, especially in today’s world! Yet, the majority of the teens I come across are respectful, hard working and amazing young men and women! That is the story I want to tell. I would be honored if you would allow me too!